Maybe you want to spice up your relationship, maybe you saw a hot movie and think that it'll be great - either way we cannot be there for you and your girlfriend/wife - even for all the whiskey in Ireland!!
Do not call us and try to talk us into doing that - no matter how nice and beautiful she is. We do not care if other places do that - we do not do that and do not offer that.
We are just NOT into couples OR women, none of us. We love the gay but all of us are 100 percent straight and we will not give sensual massages to couples or women under any circumstances - ever. Wanna know why? Here you go:

Reason # 1: Sexy Couples Massage Is HISTORICALLY A VERY BAD IDEA

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My name is Cara and I used to work in a strip club. 99.9% of couples' outings into a strip club END IN TEARS and DRAMA.

Whatever the reasons are why you want to go to a strip club with your boyfriend: fun, curiosity, alcohol... Maybe you want to do something special and fun for an occasion. Maybe you think it will make you feel cool and sexually liberated. Maybe it's your other half insisting on it? -- it's never what you think it would be and everyone is much likely to be sad afterwards.

It's even worse if you think that getting a masseuse/escort as a third person. I heard about the experience of people who did that, it was almost always unpleasant. Saddest part is that people usually do it for a special occasion - but they usually get only hurt feelings, jealousy, and a rift in relationship - all that on the very special day when all you wanted was to celebrate your feelings for each other.

Remember that your expectation is almost always wrong if you think it's a fun thing to try.

We, the girls at TOP SECRET Massage would hate to see you upset, because we want you to have a wonderful time as well. We get upset when you are upset. We would hate to f*** up your anniversary or some other occasion. We do not offer couples massages and never will.

Reason # 2: We Are Straight As Most People On Earth

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Lately, we get super many calls about couples and women. Some people are really obnoxious, incredulous and inquiring over and over "BUT WHY NOT", calling multiple times and trying to make us reconsider. Why do we have to justify being heterosexual to you?? 96.6% people are straight and it's not abnormal to NOT be homosexual, get it??
We have a lot of gay friends and there is absolutely no judgement there, but we ourselves are all heterosexual as most people are. Maybe you should watch less lesbian porn if you cannot wrap your mind around the fact that some girls are straight.

No matter how beautiful she is, she would not have a good time with any of us because there will be no attraction. It would be a bad experience for both of you and we would hate you to waste your money!

Reason # 3: We Have Boundaries Too!

It's a joke. Against popular belief, we do not work like this.

Do not expect me to go against my principles for little money, just because i'm a masseuse and because you probably think i have low morals. Stop being offensive! You cannot bring in something I'll never be attracted to: a woman, a monkey, a goat, - and expect me to do things you saw in a porno movie.

We love and adore men and men only!

Thanks for reading!

Sexy massage provides all the benefits of regular massage, but unlike most forms of hands-on manipulation it is a tantalizingly sensual experience. The Top Secret macau sexy massage utilizes a variety of strokes to amplify your sensations. We utilize a combination of feather-light touch, long flowing strokes, firm-handed pressure, relaxing tender caresses, and body slides.

Our super sexy macau massages are holistic and nourishing, loving and empowering for both you and the Masseuse. As the recipient you are able to enjoy a feeling of absolute freedom and intense relaxation and as the flow of energy becomes a cycle, passing between you and building up to a reciprocal exchange of tantalizing pleasure. The ecstasy is mutual. You will experience a deep sense of intimacy and connection with your Masseuse which is infrequently achieved through sex.

Don't let daily life leave you desensitized and full of angst. Set aside time for those sensual essentials. Book one of our delightful Top Secret sexy massages in macau to feel revived and alive again! Awaken your sensual energy with the sexiest massage on Earth!

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Mobile Massage Therapy in macau also referred to as Outcall Massage means the masseuse visiting the your home or hotel to provide the desired massage treatment. It is ideal for those hard working clients who have had a long day and wish to simply relax in their surroundings.

Top Macau Secret Massage provides the most soothing sensual or tantalizing body-to-body outcall massage Macau has to offer! We have the most beautiful and highly trained massage practitioners in shanghai. Rest assured our visiting massage therapists arrive at your desired puxi location dressed conservatively and immaculately.

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